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Lang & Bev Kidby


Fiat Expedition

Australian adventurers, Lang and Bev Kidby completed an expedition to drive a 1969 FIAT 500 Bambino 35,000km around the world - the smallest car ever to undertake such a challenge!

Fiat 500 - Map

The Expedition

After several thousand kilometres across Australia, Lang and Bev loaded the Bambino on a ship bound for Vladivostok, Russia. The drive, commencing in mid-May 2007, took the tiny car 13,000km across Siberia and Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland to Kiel in Northern Germany.

Joining hundreds of other Bambinos, they participated in a growing convoy through Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and Switzerland to arrive at Garlenda, on the Italian Riviera, for a week of celebration. The Australian Bambino created considerable interest at a huge gathering of over 1,000 FIAT 500's. Distances such as they travelled are almost unheard of in a baby car designed as an around the town runabout.

Leaving Italy the pair traveled to UK where the Bambino was once more be loaded on a ship for the USA. What followed was a journey not lightly undertaken these days in a modern four-wheel drive. They traveled all the way to the West Coast before turning North to drive thousands of kilometres through USA and Canada to Anchorage in Alaska, arriving at the end of September 2007.

Having gone as far as it was reasonably possible to travel, the car was be shipped home to Australia to complete the journey - a grand total of 35,000 road kilometres in the smallest car ever to do a circumnavigation.

Regular reports of the trip can be seen by clicking on "Latest News" above.


FIAT 500 Bambino Details

Nearly 4 million Bambinos were built from 1957 until the early 70's.

Although there were some design details upgraded and changed, the car remained basically the same for its entire production life.

499cc (30cu in) Rear Twin Cylinder, air-cooled motor of 22 horsepower
4 seats
Sunroof on all models
Weight 530kg - 1187lb
4 speed gearbox - no synchromesh
20 litres - 4.5gal fuel tank
Fuel Consumption 5L/100km - 20km/L - 55mpg
Top Speed 100kph (63mph)